On the cutting edge of change

From bright, wide aisles and sleek signage to new technology that ensures shelves are fully stocked, our renovations are improving the in-store shopping experience for associates and customers alike.

Walmart Canada continues to invest in the latest technology throughout our supply chain, from our stores and e-commerce site to our fleet, distribution and fulfilment centres. We’re always striving to boost productivity, improve ease for our associates, and provide a seamless, more personalized, fast and convenient shopping experience for our customers.

Supply Chain

A worker wearing a jacket with a Walmart Logistics logo stands at a computer in a warehouse distribution centre.
1 billion
Number of cases moved by Walmart Canada and our distribution partners this year
850 Walmart Canada drivers log 58 million kilometres per year — the equivalent of 75 round-trips to the moon!

Our fleet has a high safety rating and an accident incidence rate of less than one per million kilometres. In 2022, we were named the safest large fleet by the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.

A driver in a reflective vest stands next to the cab of a semi-truck with a Walmart logo on the door.
Daily deliveries made to our
400+ stores across Canada
For the second year in a row, we were named a Top Fleet Employer in the trucking and logistics industry in recognition of our sound HR policies and practices

In September, we opened a new fulfilment centre in Rocky View County, near Calgary, AB. The centre uses robotics technology — a Walmart first — to increase efficiency as we process orders for in-store pickup or to ship directly to customers. 

Illustration of a new Walmart Canada fulfillment centre near Montreal
20 million
Products we’ll be able to ship annually from the $100-million fulfilment centre opening near Montreal, QC, in 2024. Its advanced operating system and smart, flexible storage will help associates pick and sort items with greater speed and comfort.
Hundreds of products stacked on shelves in a large Walmart Canada warehouse
Total products that can be stored in the
457,000-square-foot facility

Our distribution centres, where products arrive before being sent on to stores, also benefit from our commitment to innovation. In April, we opened our most advanced grocery distribution centre ever, in Surrey, BC. The 300,000-square-foot facility was built vertically on about half the landmass required for a traditional building of this kind. 

From big rigs to robotics, we use the latest technology to get products to our customers. We make sure our associates have the best tools for this crucial job — part of our $3.5-billion investment to speed up the flow of goods through our Canada-wide supply chain. 
Thousands of products are stacked on high shelves in a massive warehouse with machinery throughout.
Order picks possible per day in Surrey using new, state-of-the-art automation technology

Between Surrey and our new, $56-million distribution centre in Moncton, NB, we created hundreds of jobs. 

At Walmart, we lead not only by embracing new technology, but by developing it. Our network of Walmart Global Tech hubs builds digital tools for the benefit of Walmart’s 230 million customers worldwide. In March 2022, Walmart Inc. announced it would expand the network with a new site in Toronto. Initial hires will include 45 full-time roles with hundreds more to be added over time. 

Shopping Improvements

A Walmart Canada associate in a green apron stands in front of a colourful display of fresh vegetables.

In 2022, we put $330 million toward revamping and refreshing 80 stores from Port Alberni, BC, to Carbonear, NL — the most stores we’ve ever renovated in a year. The work provided more than 2,500 trade and construction jobs across the country.  

A bright-yellow neon sign says Entertainment over the electronics department in a Walmart Canada store
More stores refreshed or added
in 2022, compared to 2021

Deploying the latest technology to make associates’ jobs easier, with improved efficiency and accuracy, is a key priority for this investment. We’ve integrated computer vision AI technology with our existing inventory systems to automatically detect availability concerns — such as low-stock or out-of-stock items — and alert store teams. 

Walmart associate scanning product with ring scanner
Ring scanners deployed to
stores across Canada

In April 2022, we introduced lightweight, wearable scanners to help associates by freeing up both their hands to pick online grocery orders. There’s even technology at our Scarborough West Walmart Supercentre in Ontario that allows associates to pick orders five times faster than on a regular sales floor.

I am very proud to work for a company that invests in digital solutions, making our associates’ jobs easier and enhancing our ability to serve our customers. But I’m most proud of our associates who embrace these technologies, fix the bugs behind the scenes and make sure that these solutions work for us, setting a new standard of excellence in store operations. They are the foundation of our successful digital transformation.

Matt Carter, Associate Innovations Manager, Central Operations
295 Walmart Canada stores offer same-day or next-day deliver, reaching 75% of Canadian households.

We brought in live tracking for deliveries from both Walmart Canada and third-party services, allowing customers to view the driver’s location and get an ETA in real time. Driver information is included so customers can see exactly who will deliver their online order. 

A worker loads groceries in Walmart Canada bags into the trunk of a customer's car.
Percentage of stores offering express pickup of online orders in two hours or less
A computer screen displays the window where customers can select Instacart delivery of their online grocery order from Walmart Canada.
30 minutes
Delivery speed of online orders now available to 40% of customers in the Greater Toronto Area via Instacart

We’ve also improved the experience for Walmart.ca customers: 

A hand holds a mobile phone with walmart.ca displayed on the screen.
65 million
Products available on Walmart.ca, a 62% increase in one year

Our online Marketplace has seen exponential growth since its launch in 2017. And now, Marketplace sellers can offer two-day shipping or in-store pickup through Walmart Fulfilment Services. For the first time, it gives sellers access to our shipping and delivery operation. Customers can also return most Marketplace items in-store under our standard return policy. With the extension of these services, we’re helping Marketplace sellers grow their businesses. 

An illustration shows various products spinning over a grocery cart
Third-party sellers with products available on Walmart.ca, including thousands based in Canada

Product Innovation

Our award-winning product development team takes Walmart Brands products from idea to store shelves, with a lot of tasting — and fun — along the way. 

We are the fastest-growing private brand retailer in the country, thanks to the masterminds at Walmart Brands, who have a special knack for creating and marketing products our customers love. They won national awards in 2022 for their Great Value 100% Superfine Almond Flour, Your Fresh Market Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli, Great Value Sliced Kiwi, Our Finest Red Leicester Cheese and Great Value Disinfecting Wet Mop Cloths.

Retail Council of Canada-29th Canadian Grand Prix New Product Aw
Five Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards from the Retail Council of Canada — the most ever for the Walmart Brands product development team

We know the communities we serve are diverse and so are their needs and tastes. We have proudly responded to an increase in demand for international foods as newcomers drive the country’s population growth. With our Store of the Community program, we assess each market’s cultural mix and meet its needs with a tailored product assortment. 

We’re also striving to ensure all our customers see themselves reflected in the beauty products we sell. At our first-ever Beauty Summit, we sought out brands that offer unique products and a commitment to inclusivity. Some of our new brands, such as UOMA by Sharon C, Prideful, and Lottie London, are exclusive to Walmart, and several are owned and founded by women, BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ people.

Connected to Canada

Walmart is a worldwide operation firmly invested in Canada — and we’re trusted here. In 1994, Walmart Canada launched with 122 stores, and 28 years later, we’re 400+ stores strong, with a leading e-commerce site and distribution network that together employ more than 100,000 people.  

Ipos image
For the sixth year in a row, Walmart was named one of Canada’s top 10 most influential brands by Ipsos, moving up four spots from last year

Influential brands don’t just land in the popular consciousness — they outperform their competitors, weather harsher setbacks, and cut through the noise to connect with Canadians. In short, influential brands set the agenda.

Steve Levy, COO, Ipsos Canada
From strawberries and flour to pillows and plants, we work with close to 2,000 suppliers across Canada to find local products our customers love, while supporting the Canadian economy.

Health and Wellness

A woman wearing a white lab coat and a name tag identifying her as a Walmart Canada pharmacist stands in front of shelves full of health products.

At Walmart Canada, we keep the wellbeing of our customers top of mind as we look for more ways to help them save money so they can live better. That’s why we’re providing our communities with greater access to education and tools to help them manage their overall health. 

We’ve partnered with Diabetes Canada to drive awareness and education about the disease through our pharmacists, opticians and Walmart Wellness Days, when we provide free access to screening for type 2 diabetes. 

Capsules spill out of a plastic prescription-drug bottle
23 million+
Prescriptions filled at 331 Walmart Pharmacy and 68 Accès pharma chez Walmart locations across Canada

In 2022, we also signed an agreement that will see 11 Jack Nathan Health medical clinics open in our stores. The independent clinics provide family and urgent care medical services, specialty medical programs and paramedical services including MedSpa and Rehab.

Financial Services

We offer a wide range of financial services, including the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, which allows customers to earn rewards wherever they use the card, to redeem at Walmart Canada, saving them money.

1 million+
Active Walmart Rewards Mastercard cardholders
Year-over-year increase in
Walmart Rewards redemptions
$500 million
Rewards redemptions since the launch of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard in 2010

Our Walmart Protection Plans provide worry-free coverage on purchases. And now we’re partnered with Western Union to offer online money transfers for everyday low fees, so customers can conveniently send money worldwide.